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After School Programs

  • Jordan WRAP Leadership Council
  • Xi Sisters LeadershipProgram
  • Omega Brothers Leadership Program
  • Youth Summit One Day Leadership Conference
  • Latin American Student Society International Dance Program
  • Pacific Islander Dance Program
  • Awareness Knowledge Action Leadership Program sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororities Inc, and the Pearl Foundation
  • CCEJ Building Bridges Camp
  • Leadership Retreat Camps
  • Teen Mothers Program
  • Chocolate Making Program - Career Pathways
  • Cake Decorating Program - Career Pathways
  • Scrap Booking
  • Stepping / Hip Hop Dance
  • Arts and Crafts Program
  • Cutlural Arts / Arts and Crafts Program
  • Anti Violence Youth Committee
  • Credit Recovery
  • Tutoring
  • Homework Help
  • Fitness / Nutrition
  • College and Career Exploration Resume Writing Workshops
  • College Tours
  • Airbrush Art
  • Knitting
  • Field Trips

Jordan WRAP Program

grouppix.png IMAG0540.jpg IMAG0542.jpg IMAG0544.jpg WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 002.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 189.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 218.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 247.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 248.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 301.JPG youth summit 004.JPG youth summit 005.JPG youth summit 076.JPG youth summit 082.JPG youth summit 091.JPG youth summit 097.JPG youth summit 105.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 003.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 007.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 008.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 025.JPG Camp Photo.jpg CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 029.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 030.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 031.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 039.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 040.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 045.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 051.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 052.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 053.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 055.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 057.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 069.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 076.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 090.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 101.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov 2012 104.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 001.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 011.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 013.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 015.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 031.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 038.JPG CCEJ Camp Nov Part 2 056.JPG waterfall 052.JPG waterfall 058.JPG waterfall 062.JPG waterfall 063.JPG waterfall 064.JPG waterfall 067.JPG waterfall 072.JPG waterfall 075.JPG waterfall 078.JPG waterfall 082.JPG waterfall 083.JPG waterfallbonfire 089.JPG waterfallbonfire 090.JPG waterfallbonfire 094.JPG waterfallbonfire 096.JPG waterfallbonfire 098.JPG waterfallbonfire 103.JPG waterfallbonfire 105.JPG waterfallbonfire 107.JPG waterfallbonfire 110.JPG waterfallbonfire 130.JPG waterfallbonfire 002.JPG waterfallbonfire 003.JPG waterfallbonfire 004.JPG waterfallbonfire 010.JPG waterfallbonfire 011.JPG waterfallbonfire 023.JPG waterfallbonfire 035.JPG waterfallbonfire 045.JPG waterfallbonfire 047.JPG waterfallbonfire 064.JPG

What is LB WRAP?

LB WRAP Program, Winners Reaching Amazing Potential, is funded by a 21st CenturyCommunityLearningCentergrant given to the school district. The purpose of the program is to help youth improve academically and provide them a safe place to be after school, participating in fun and enriching activities.

WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 014.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 015.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 016.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 017.JPG

Academic Improvement Component

The academic support component deals mainly with tutoring and homework assistance. Most tutoring focuses on core subjects, especially English and Math. However, WRAP does provide some support in Science, History, and other subjects students may be struggling with during the regular school day. Homework assistance can be given by a college aide, a peer, or by a teacher and is usually not a paid position.

Pumpkin Carving Jordan 186.JPG wrap oct 2012 307.JPG wrap oct 2012 310.JPG wrap oct 2012 312.JPG waterfall 002.JPG waterfall 005.JPG waterfall 007.JPG waterfall 014.JPG waterfall 018.JPG spring fling 001.JPG spring fling 002.JPG spring fling 010.JPG spring fling 011.JPG spring fling 016.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 027.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 032.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 033.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 037.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 038.JPG Pumpkin Carving 023.JPG Pumpkin Carving 024.JPG Pumpkin Carving 026.JPG wrap FEB 12 030.JPG wrap FEB 12 032.JPG wrap FEB 12 034.JPG wrap FEB 12 035.JPG wrap FEB 12 039.JPG wrap FEB 12 044.JPG wrap FEB 12 045.JPG wrap FEB 12 050.JPG wrap FEB 12 053.JPG wrap FEB 12 056.JPG wrap FEB 12 057.JPG

Enrichment Component

The enrichment component is disguised learning. We focus on ensuring students are safe, have fun, and learn. Youth related crime in Long Beachpeaks right after school between the hours of 3:00pm-6:00pmright after school. The WRAP program provides students an alternative and an opportunity to enrich their lives through positive forms of learning. Teachers and outside vendors offer enrichment programs after school. There are currently enrichment in Youth Development, Recreation, Career/Life After High School, and Community Service. Some examples of enrichment programs are, Digital Media Arts, Cake Decorating and Chocolate Making, Airbrush, Cultural Arts, Hip Hop Dance,  Jewelry Design, Resume Writing Workshops, Job and Career Readiness, etc.

001.jpg 002.jpg CFF Gaslamp Group Photo.jpg JWLC Pic.jpg Omega Pic.jpg WRAP Leadership Camp Picture.jpg Xi Pic.jpg WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 022.JPG Pumpkin Carving Jordan 013.JPG wrap oct 2012 073.JPG wrap oct 2012 070.JPG wrap oct 2012 066.JPG wrap oct 2012 075.JPG wrap oct 2012 085.JPG wrap oct 2012 090.JPG wrap oct 2012 118.JPG wrap oct 2012 119.JPG wrap oct 2012 141.JPG wrap oct 2012 144.JPG wrap oct 2012 156.JPG wrap oct 2012 233.JPG wrap oct 2012 151.JPG wrap oct 2012 272.JPG wrap oct 2012 274.JPG wrap oct 2012 292.JPG wrap oct 2012 306.JPG wrap oct 2012 321.JPG wrap oct 2012 325.JPG wrap oct 2012 332.JPG wrap oct 2012 334.JPG waterfall 031.JPG waterfall 034.JPG waterfall 035.JPG waterfall 041.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 004.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 005.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 006.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 009.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 010.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 013.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 015.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 016.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 017.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 020.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 025.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 026.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 028.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 033.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 037.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 038.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 042.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 054.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 058.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 065.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 070.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 077.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 086.JPG Gaslamp & Leadership Camp Dec 2012 089.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 039.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 040.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 041.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 049.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 051.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 053.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 055.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 070.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 074.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 077.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 096.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 099.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 101.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 102.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 115.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 118.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 122.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 142.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 145.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 129.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 174.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 180.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 182.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 212.JPG WRAP Nov 2012 and CAMP 226.JPG

Leadership Programs

Jordan WRAP Leadership Council: This leadership program meets every Friday afterschool. This group of students is responsible for helping to manage the grant, "Grant Managers". They put on events to help recruit students into the program, serve as representatives of the student body to choose youth programs to provide afterschool, fundraise as needed for programs who might need support or supplies, put on a youth leadership conference each year, service projects for our school and our community, maintain the WRAP Panther Lounge on campus.

Xi Sisters and Omega Brothers Leadership Programs:

The Xi Sister and Omega Brothers programs are modeled after a Fraternity/Sorority, and serve as a Service Learning Component for the WRAP after school program.

 The Xi Sisters was founded by a student Annette Robertson in 2007, whose vision was to create a sisterhood modeled after a sorority where students would support one another through school and family crisis, complete service learning and community service projects, and stay College bound participating in college tours and workshops, as well as fun and exciting field trips. The Xi Sisters program found support from our very own principal Rosalind Morgan who brought in her alumni Sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha who currently mentors out students.

 The Omega Brothers was founded by a student Rudy Fifita who saw the work of the girls and wanted a program for the guys. He created a brotherhood which served alongside the Xi Sisters Program. 

What we do:

  • Sisterhood & Brotherhood – to help one another succeed towards the goal of graduation
  • Support for crisis in time of need
  • Philanthropy and Community Service Project Opportunities
  • Service Hours
  • Leadership Camp & Building Bridges Camp
  • College Tours and Workshops in the Spring
  • Field Trips
  • Put on special events on campus
  • Put on special events in the community
  • Work with College Fraternities and Sororities
  • College and Career Guidance and assistance
  • CharacterBuilding
  • Recommendation letters for college or jobs as needed
  • Step (and performances)
  • Womens Empowerment Counseling Group
  • Men's Empowerment Counseling Group


Jordan WRAP Partnerships and Collaborations

  • California Conference for Equality and Justice (CCEJ)
  • California Families in Focus - Angel Macias
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororities Inc. - Pearl Foundation
  • Sigma Lambda Gamma
  • Councilmen Steven Neal
  • LB Human Dignity Program - Teresa Gomez
  • Miller Childrens Hospital & Memorial Hospital of Long Beach
  • Cal State University Long Beach
  • Long Beach City College
  • National Pacific Islander Educator Network (NPIEN)
  • Samoan Affairs
  • USC POTO Mentor Program
  • Jordan Parent Center
  • Dramatic Results



Cabrillo and Jordan Students



The Pre-College Summer Academy is a dual-enrollment, on-campus program with curriculum consisting of 48 hours of either COMM130 (Intro to Public Speaking) or THEA113 (Introduction to Acting). High school juniors and seniors will get to choose one of the two courses and have the chance to receive 3 units of college credit over summer!


Course Descriptions


COMM 130 – Essentials of Public Speaking

This course will fulfill the Foundation-A2 General Education (GE) requirement. The class is about the composition and delivery of speeches to inform and persuade. Logical organization will be stressed.


THEA 113 – Introduction to Acting

This course will fulfill the Explorations-C1 General Education (GE) requirement. In this class, you will do a review of actors and acting, past and present; their work as artists; basic exercises in voice, diction, movement, and personality projection.



July 9 – Aug 2, 2018


Monday - Thursday

9:00 am to 12:00 pm


LOCATION:  On campus at CSULB


Transportation provided by LBUSD



For more information and/or to enroll in

a course, please contact:


Chris Borunda

LBUSD Administrator

K16 Collaborations & District Programs

Equity, Access, College and Career Readiness


E-Mail: CBorunda@lbschools.net

Phone:  (562) 997-8321


Take a summer math course at CSU Long Beach and satisfy your General Education Requirement! Earn university credit and LBUSD math credit at the same time! 
Where?  CSU Long Beach campus (LA-5 building) 
What?  MATH 103 – Mathematical Ideas (special section only for LBUSD students, 30 student maximum), 3 units/10 high school credits 
When?  July 9–27, 2018 (M-F, 9 am to 12 pm) 
MATH 103 students will be introduced to the modeling cycle through structured activities from the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP). Within each modeling project, students will investigate and learn novel mathematical, statistical, and technological tools while making use of and reinforcing the content which students learned in high school. A culminating final project will engage students in the entire modeling process, beginning with the identification of a real problem and ending with the showcasing of a web-based report of outcomes. 
How?   You must have passed Algebra 2 w/”B” or better  Tell your counselor you are interested  CSULB will register you once you complete a registration form  LBUSD & CSULB will pay for the course and parking  No textbook needed 
Register at the following link:

https://goo.gl/forms/MNyMokqrOHWXNdeJ2  by May 31st

01 02 03 06 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 MA YMY 001.JPG MA YMY 004.JPG MA YMY 013.JPG MA YMY 022.JPG MA YMY 023.JPG MA YMY 032.JPG wrap FEB 12 017.JPG wrap FEB 12 018.JPG wrap FEB 12 019.JPG wrap FEB 12 024.JPG wrap FEB 12 025.JPG wrap FEB 12 028.JPG
Today: 5/25/18
Omega Logo.jpg Xi Sisters Logo.jpg XI Sister Grrek letter logo.jpg XISH.jpg OMEGA shield for back of Polo.jpg
WRAP Logo color.JPG

Jordan WRAP Staff

Candace Meehan
Alfonso Raya
Sambo Sak
Christine Aguilar

Jordan WRAP Office:
WRAP Panther Lounge
Room 502
562-423-1471 x.2139

WRAP Director

Meehan, Candace
Jordan WRAP Director